A Short History of the world since divergence.

Late 90s Pollutions, global warming, natural disasters are rampent. Oil starts drying up, terrorism increases.

Death sports see a rise. 2002 “Shootout” a capture the flag game w/ live ammo premiered.

2012 Grain blight hits. Australia is the only continent uninfected. Sparks the Russo-American War (or 30 minute war). Later that year The Worm hit, destabilizing the burgeoning internet before it could really take off.

2015 Earthquakes and weather hit harder then disaster relief can accommodate. By 2016 the food riots where in full effect, major cities were looted and abandoned and cycle gangs ruled in urban areas.

2018 The Anarachist Relief Front first surfaces in response to the Gov’t’s inability to deal with the crises confronting the nation. They continue to commit escalating acts of terrorism for the next 5 years, quickly reaching the number 1 spot on the FBI’s list of threats to domestic security.

2020 Advances in synthetic algae grain replacements leads to a drastic reduction in starvation rates. Cost of living becomes consummately lower and leisure industries see a resurgence.

2021 Bloodsports are now the biggest money maker for the re-emerging entertainment industry. Cloning science reaches it’s peak and almost any injury that is not fatal or to the brain.

2023 Autodueling is born.

2028 Memory transfer and storage is combined with forced growth cloning for the first time. Life Insurance shortly takes on a new meaning.

2036 The ARF is finally defeated in Boston. See Midville.

2045 ARF returns, capturing the president (and presumably killing him), and devastating the entertainment and communication networks with calculated attacks.

Recent History

2057: September A rash of bizarre occurrences hit 5 Bioscientia force growth clone labs. Reports of Zombies in the affected areas were largely considered sensationalist, especially as the prematurely activated clones all died in a matter of days. Fatalities included nearly 60 scientists, as well as 2 Search and Rescue teams sent in to investigate.

2057: October Later investigations where unable to get a full tally of the dead, but some of the operatives reported hallucinations. The fear of some unknown bio agent forced the labs to be sealed and closed down until the affected people where out of quarantine.

2058: November Scientists investigating the survivors call the quarantine, having been unable to locate any sort of physical cause for the supposed hallucinations. It’s chalked down to stress generated from seeing clones walking around when they shouldn’t be.


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